In this post we will describe how the Dutch 322 squadron was a cog in the gigantic operation leading up to the invasion.

Each year on the fourth of May the Dutch commemorate the people who lost their lives in World War Two. Many attend ceremonies held at special war sites. In the east of The Netherlands the children of Holten visit the Canadian War Cemetery on the Holterberg, a site of e...

December 26, 2018

During the Second World War Britain needed to secure its vital import of goods from overseas. To counteract the German U-boat menace the British sailed in convoy.

September 22, 2018

How a Dutch-Jewish merchant rescued many refugees from prison in the French city of Lyon during World War Two.

Although the German forces were not on high alert during the night of D-Day, the fierce winds had a serious impact on the allied surprise attack.

Without the help of many extremely brave people who were often organised in resistance networks, it would have been impossible for many refugees, like our father Jan ter Doest, to reach their destination.

March 24, 2018

We have asked several Engelandvaarders to share a special memory of their escape from Holland to England during the war. After the first contribution the second story is by Ellis Brandon

During the war Ellis Brandon (April 8 1923) and Herman Friedhoff, her boyfriend a...

February 10, 2018

We have asked several Engelandvaarders to share a particular memory of their journey from Holland to England during the war. This first contribution is by Engelandvaarder Marinus Zuidijk who describes seven subsequent incidents of 'a tiny angel sitting on his shoulder'...

After Jan ter Doest was released from Spanish concentration camp Miranda de Ebroin the north of Spain around the 20th of January 1943, he was transported to the British crown colony of Gibraltar. He was seventeen.

At his arrival Gibraltar must have looked quite gri...

In an earlier post, What are Engelandvaarders?, we mentioned the first successful escape to England via the Channel by three Dutch students, Kees van Eendenburg, Freddy Vas Nunes and Karel Michielsen in July 1940. The crossing took place in a, not very seaworthy, 12 fo...

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